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Idea Showcases Product Range - Retail Display Counters

New Display Counters,Card units, Slatted Gondolas!
Idea Showcases new range of display counters, Tiered card units and Slatted Panel Gondolas are available within 10 days from order.
A wide range of finnishes are also available.
Cash & Wrap Display Counter
Display Counter
Code: IS01
Price: £ 362.00
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Full Vision Counter
Code: IS02
Price: £ 620.00
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3/4 Vision Display Counter
Code: IS03
Price: £ 625.00
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1/3 Vision Display Counter
Code: IS04
Price: £ 587.00
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Full Vision with Rear Storage Display Counter
Code: IS05
Price: £ 540.00
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Angled Display Counter
Angled Display Counter
Code: IS06
Price: £ 675.00
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Till Counter Stand
Code: IS07
Price: £ 277.50
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Closed Corner Infill Counter
Code: IS08
Price: £ 225.00
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Open Corner Infill Display Counter
Code: IS09
Price: £ 225.00
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Open Corner Counter With Glass Shelves
Code: IS10
Price: £ 397.50
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Closed Curved Corner Counter Infill
Code: IS11
Price: £ 330.00
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Open Curved Corner Counter Infill
Code: IS12
Price: £ 270.00
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IS20 15 Tier Card Unit
Code: IS20
Price: £ 410.00
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IS21 12 Tier Card & Gift Wrap Unit
Code: IS21
Price: £ 468.00
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IS22 21 Tier Card Unit
Code: IS22
Price: £ 450.00
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SD23 Concealed Drawer Card Unit
Code: IS23
Price: £ 500.00
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IS24 Internal Corner Card Unit
Code: IS24
Price: £ 368.00
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IS25 Gondola Card Unit
Code: IS25
Price: £ 719.00
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IS26 Slatted Panel Gondola Small H
Code: IS26
Price: £ 360.00
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IS27 Slatted Panel Gondola Large H
Code: IS27
Price: £ 460.00
more details >>
IS28 Slatted Panel Gondola 4 Way
Code: IS28
Price: £ 380.00
more details >>
IS29 Slatted Panel Gondola Tower
Code: IS29
Price: £ 330.00
more details >>
IS30 Slatted Panel Gondola Small T
Code: IS30
Price: £ 320.00
more details >>
IS31 Slatted Panel Gondola Large T
Code: IS31
Price: £ 380.00
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